What is Iron Oxide Fe3O4?

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 is a kind of inorganic substance, the chemical formula is Fe3O4, black crystal with magnetic, so it is also known as magnetic iron oxide. It cannot be regarded as Fe(FeO2)2, nor as a mixture of iron oxide FeO and iron oxide Fe2O3, but can be approximately regarded as a compound of ferrous oxide and iron oxide (FeO ·Fe2O3). The substance is insoluble in water, alkali solution, ethanol, ether, and other organic solvents. Natural Iron Oxide Fe3O4 is insoluble in acid solutions and readily oxidizes to Iron Oxide Fe3O4 (Fe2O3) in the air under wet conditions. It is commonly used as a pigment and polish, as well as in the manufacture of audiotapes and telecommunications equipment.

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 structure
Three oxides of iron: FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4.
Iron Oxide Fe3O4 is the only iron compound that can be magnetized at the secondary level.Fe2+ and Fe3+ are contained in iron oxide. X-ray diffraction experiments show that iron oxide has a trans-spinel structure, and there is never met a pirate ion FeO22- in the crystal. Iron oxide's natural mineral type is magnetite. There are two valences of iron in iron oxide, for the trans spinel structure, oxygen is the cubic most dense accumulation. In addition, iron oxide is also a conductor, because in magnetite, because Fe2+ and Fe3+ are disordered in the octahedral position, electrons can quickly transfer between the two oxidation states of iron, so the solid iron oxide has excellent electrical conductivity.Fe3O4 can be regarded as FeO·Fe2O3, which better indicates that Fe3O4 contains Fe(ⅱ) and Fe(ⅲ).
How is Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder Produced?
Fe3O4 is produced by the Schikorr reaction. This reaction converts iron (II) hydroxide (Fe(OH)2) into iron oxide (II, III) (Fe3O4). Under anaerobic conditions, ferrous hydroxide (Fe(OH)2) oxidizes in water to form magnetite and molecular hydrogen. Schikorr 's reaction explains this process.
3Fe(OH)2→Fe3O4 + H2 + 2H2O
Ferrous Hydroxide Magnetite Hydrogen Water.
Iron Oxide Fe3O4 applications
Iron Oxide Fe3O4 commonly known as iron oxide black, magnetite, and black iron oxide, can be used in many different fields, for example:
Iron (II, III) oxide is used as a black pigment also known as Mars Black.
It is used in the Haber process as a catalyst.
It is used in the water-gas shift reaction.
Fe3O4 Nanoparticles are used in MRI scanning as contrasts against them.
It protects the steel from rusting.
It is an ingredient in thermite that is used for cutting steel.
It can produce magnetic recording materials, high gradient magnetic separators, microwave absorption materials, special coatings.
It is widely used as a carrier for various pharmaceutical ingredients to form a magnetic targeting drug delivery system; used for the separation of magnetic immune cells, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and other aspects.
It is used for precision instruments, gas seals, vacuum seals, etc.
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