What is calcium stearate water based emulsion?


Calcium stearate dispersion is used as a water-repellent, anti-caking, anti weathering and release agent in cement, paint and other coatings. It is used as an internal lubricant and acid scavenger in polymer processing. It is also used in paper making.

Calcium stearate emulsion is a white viscous liquid with the formula Ca(C17H35COO)2. 

The appearance is a white viscous liquid; calcium stearate emulsion is the stabilizer and lubricant of poly chloroacetic acid, but the stability effect is poor; long-term thermal stability is good, and can be used as non-toxic food packaging, medical instruments and other soft film utensils. 


In polyethylene, as a halogen absorber, can eliminate the residual catalyst in the resin color and stability the adverse effects. It can also be widely used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and molding products and as a moistening and releasing agent for phenolic, amino and other thermosetting plastics and polyester-reinforced plastics, a thickening agent for grease, a waterproof agent for textiles and smooth agent for paint, etc.

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