What is silica aerogel powder?

Aerogels usually refer to the light nano solid materials with nanoporous network structure formed by the aggregation of ultrafine particles of nanometer scale, and the pores of the network are filled with gaseous disperse medium. Aerogel is solid, but it's 99% gas and looks like a cloud. Aerogel is sometimes called "solid smoke" or "frozen smoke" because of its translucent color and ultra-lightweight.
The most common aerogel is silica aerogel.SiO2 aerogel is a kind of lightweight nanoporous amorphous solid material with excellent heat insulation performance. Its porosity is as high as 80-99.8%. The typical size of the pores is 1-100 nm and the specific surface area is 200-1000 Ni /g. And the density can be as low as 3 kg/m3 room temperature thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.012 W/ (m* K). Because of these characteristics, aerogel materials have broad application potential in thermal, acoustic, optical, microelectronics, and particle detection.

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Silica aerogel properties
1. Heat insulation.
Silica aerogel material has very low thermal conductivity, which can reach 0. 013-0. 016W/(m. K), lower than static air (0.024W/(m. K)) thermal conductivity, than the corresponding inorganic insulation materials 2-3 orders of magnitude lower. Its thermal conductivity is 0.043W/(m. K) even at high temperatures of 800°C.No decomposition under high temperature, no harm. Gas release belongs to the green environmental protection material.Si02 silicon aerogel and a variety of heat-resistant fiber composite can be made. Various forms of insulation materials. It can be widely used in industry, construction, pipeline, automobile, aerospace, and other fields.
2. The sound insulation sex
Silica aerogel is also an ideal acoustic delay or high-temperature acoustic insulation material due to its low sound velocity properties. The material has a wide acoustic impedance variable range (10-107 kg/ NF ●s) and is an ideal acoustic impedance coupling material for ultrasonic detectors.
Do preliminary experimental results show that the density is 300 kg/m? The sound intensity can be increased by 30 dB when the silicon aerogel is used as the coupling material, and a higher sound intensity gain can be expected if the silicon aerogel with density gradient is used.3. Nonlinear optical properties
Due to the formation of quantum dot structure in the nanoparticle network of silica aerogel, the results of mixing Si by chemical gas osmosis method and C60 by solution method show that the dopant exists in the form of nano grain, and the strong visible light emission is observed, which provides strong evidence for the quantum confinement effect of porous silicon luminescence. Using the structure of silica aerogel and the nonlinear optical effect of C60, a new type of laser protective lens can be developed step by step.
4. Filtration and catalytic properties
Aerogel with nano-structure can also be used as a new type of gas filtration material. Different from other materials, the material has uniform pore size distribution and high porosity. It is a kind of efficient gas filtration material.
Because the material is particularly large than the surface product. Aerogel is also widely used as a new catalyst or catalyst carrier. Wide application prospects.
5. Adjustable refractive index
The refractive index of silica aerogel is close to me, and the ratio of the annihilation coefficient of infrared and visible light is more than 100, which can effectively pass through the visible part of sunlight and block the infrared part, becoming an ideal transparent insulation material, which has been applied in the utilization of solar energy and building energy saving.
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