What is special about bismuth sulfide?

Overview of bismuth sulfide
Bismuth sulfide is a sulfide of bismuth, the chemical formula Bi2S3, is the main component of bismuthite. The molecular weight is 514.15. Brown-yellow powder or crystals. It is insoluble in water and ethyl acetate, but soluble in nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. It is obtained by melting metallic bismuth and sulfur together or passing hydrogen sulfide into a bismuth salt solution.


Properties of bismuth sulfide
Bismuth sulfide is soluble in nitric acid or hot concentrated perchloric acid, but insoluble in alkali and ammonium sulfide. Bismuth sulfide is the same crystal as antimony sulfide and has a complex network structure.
Application of bismuth sulfide
Bismuth sulfide is an important semiconductor material, and its application in optoelectronic components and thermoelectric devices has brought great convenience to mankind. Nano-bismuth sulfide makes its various properties more optimized. Because the properties of nano-materials depend to a large extent on the morphology of nanomaterials, it is of substantial significance to synthesize more bismuth-sulfide nanostructures with special morphologies.
As an important semiconductor material, Bi2S3 has potential application value in thermoelectric, electronic, and optoelectronic devices and infrared spectroscopy. The bandgap energy of bismuth sulfide at room temperature is 1.33eV, which can be used to make photoelectric converters and is widely used in thermoelectric cooling processes. Nano-scale bismuth sulfide can not only blue-shift the ultraviolet-visible absorption wavelength and fluorescence emission wavelength, but also produce The nonlinear optical response enhances the oxidation-reduction ability of nanoparticles, and also has excellent photoelectric catalytic performance. It has a wide range of application prospects in luminescent materials, nonlinear optical materials, and photocatalytic materials. In recent years, people have also discovered that nano-bismuth sulfide is an excellent X-ray tomography (CT) contrast agent, which has unique advantages compared to traditional iodine contrast agents.
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