What is the oxide of iron


Three kinds of iron oxides exist ferrous oxide FeO, iron oxide Fe2O3, and Fe3O4 iron oxide. Iron is a common metallic element. Its elemental chemical formula is Fe, with 0, +2, +3, and +6 valence. The valence of different oxides of iron varies +2 in ferrous oxide, +3 in iron oxide, and both +2 and +3 in ferric oxide. Ferric oxide is one of the oxides of iron; its chemical formula is Fe3O4; Carbon black is a black powder produced by incomplete gas phase combustion or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons under strictly controlled technological conditions. Its composition is mainly elemental carbon and contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur. Put a candle under a disc and burn it to produce a black solid called carbon black. Iron is an essential element for chlorophyll synthesis in crops. As we all know, the growth and development of crops require leaf photosynthesis to produce organic nutrients, and iron is mainly stored in the leaf-green body of crops. Although iron is not a direct component of chlorophyll, iron is an indispensable nutrient element for crop chlorophyll synthesis. If the iron deficiency is relatively mild, the chloroplast structure of the crop will be destroyed, and chlorophyll cannot be synthesized usually. If the iron deficiency is rather severe, the chloroplast in the crop will become smaller and disintegrate. At the same time, due to poor iron mobility in crops, iron deficiency in crops will cause chloroplast synthesis, so after iron deficiency in the middle and lower leaves of crops, the iron in the middle and lower leaves of crops will not be able to smoothly loose into the new tender leaves at the top of the crops, resulting in the deficiency symptoms of turning green and yellow and white in the fresh tender leaves. Headlines lai Ji iron is crop respiration, REDOX reaction, and the essential elements in various physiological processes such as metabolism is also an integral part of the crop variety of function protein factors. Crop respiration requires the participation of cytochrome oxidase, catalase, and other enzymes, and iron is the active part of these enzyme structures. If the crop lacks iron, the enzyme activity required by crop respiration and various REDOX effects will be reduced, resulting in crop respiration suppression. The REDOX reaction of produce and a variety of proteins need the participation of iron, such as ferredoxin, molybdopterin, non-heme ferritin, etc., if the crops lack iron, crop nitrogen fixation, REDOX action, photosynthetic electron transfer, protein synthesis, and other physiological processes will be blocked, resulting in crop growth and development abnormalities. Lai Ji headlines. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective iron oxides, or if you require the latest price of iron oxides, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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