What is unique about Iron Oxide Fe2O3 Nanopowder?

Iron oxide classification
Iron oxides can be divided into ferrous oxide (FeO), iron oxide (Fe2O3), and ferroferric oxide (FeO4) according to their valence, crystal type, and structure. Iron oxide (Fe2O3) is a reddish-brown powder, commonly known as iron red, which can be used as a paint pigment. It has three types: a-Fe2O3, β-Fe2O3, and y-Fe2O3. The first and third types have more practical value.

Overview of iron oxide
Fe2O3 referred to as iron oxide, commonly known as "hematite", is a common iron oxide. The iron oxide structure is corundum type, the bandgap is 2.2eV, and it has strong absorption under visible light. It is an important n-type semiconductor material. Because a-Fe2O3 is stable at room temperature, low synthesis cost, strong anti-corrosion ability, and low environmental pollution, it is widely used as a raw material for magnetic recording and ferrite preparation. Nano-sized a-Fe2O3 has the characteristics of large specific surface and small size of nanomaterials, which makes it better than bulk iron oxide in chemical properties, such as more stable chemical properties, high catalytic activity, light resistance, and UV resistance. Shielding and other properties. Therefore, the nano-iron oxide is widely used in chemical catalysis, photocatalytic environmental treatment, lithium-ion battery supercapacitor materials, clinical medicine, etc.
The properties of Iron Oxide Nanopowder
1.Optical properties
When the nano-iron oxide reaches a particle size of about 100nm, the particles have no ability to scatter visible light and reduce the ability to cover. Theoretically, visible light is completely transmitted, so it presents a transparent state, and it also has strong absorption properties for ultraviolet rays. , So we call it transparent iron oxide.
2.Superparamagnetic properties
Magnetic iron oxide materials are mainly soft magnetic iron oxide (a-Fe2O3) and magnetic recording iron oxide (γ-Fe2O3) a-Fe2O3 mainly exhibit weak ferromagnetism at room temperature, and when the particle size is less than 8nm, at temperature The bottom will show the nature of superparamagnetic concave. γ-Fe2O3 exhibits ferromagnetism at room temperature, and when its particle size is less than 10nm, it exhibits superparamagnetic properties.
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