Which positions can 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger?

Introduction to 60KW CCS GBT DC Quick Charger
Intelligence, fast, reliable and universal. Provide a perfect EV charging solution in your location. Its modularization allows for an increase of up to 60 kW to charge, but also two electric vehicles.

60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger function
1.Grasen 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger is high quality, high efficiency is 95%, aimed at providing 3 fast charging for electric vehicles.
2. 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger speed is charged to 80% in 30 minutes, and the power efficiency is 95% for saving cost operation;
3. Compatible with CCS and GBT;
4. Support the RFID card reader for user authentication;
5.8 '' LCD touch screen and user friendly interface;
6. Support cable / wireless network LAN, 4G;
7. Support OCPP1.6 or OCP2.0 to implement intelligent charging system.

What factors affect charging speed?
1. Battery set capacity.
Typically, larger battery packs can be charged faster.
2. Charge State (SoC).
When the battery is almost fully charged, the charging speed is lowered to prevent the battery battery from overheating. Usually at 80-90% SOC, speed decreases and charging will slow down more than 100% SOC.
3. Battery temperature.
The battery unit is effectively operated between 20-25 degrees Celsius (68-77 Fahrenheit). When the battery temperature is too low, BMS reduces the requested current to protect the health of the battery unit.
4. The power level of the fast charger.

60KW CCS GBT DC fast charging station application location
1.Apartment and apartment
2. Office Park
3. Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants
4. Activities
5. University campus
6. Shopping Plaza
7. Government Building
8. Hospital
9. Parking garage
10. Electric vehicle fleet

60KW CCS GBT DC Fast Charger Supplier
GRASEN's mission is to support the fast trunk of the transportation system, so the performance and value of the GRASEN design product. Grast's 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger is configured to be durable and powerful.

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