Why does bismuth telluride have good thermal power


Why does bismuth telluride have good thermal power?

Thermoelectric material is a kind of functional material based on the Seebeck effect and Peltier effect, which can realize the direct conversion of electric energy and thermal energy. Thermoelectric materials have become the key materials of forward-looking and strategic new energy technologies such as thermoelectric refrigeration and thermoelectric power generation. As a thermoelectric material with the best performance near room temperature, bismuth telluride-based alloy materials have been widely used in aerospace, microelectronics, special power supply and other fields. Bismuth telluride is a grey powder with the molecular formula of Bi2Te3. Bismuth telluride is a semiconductor material with good electrical conductivity.

Thermoelectric materials can realize the mutual conversion between electric energy and thermal energy. People often use its Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity to evaluate its performance. At the same time, it also has many characteristics that traditional energy materials do not have, such as long service life, no pollution to the environment and stable performance. Each thermoelectric material has its own suitable working temperature range. Up to now, Bi2Te3 and its related alloys, PbTe and SiGe alloys and other thermoelectric materials have been discovered [4]. Bi2Te3 and its alloys are mainly used for thermoelectric refrigeration, while PbTe and SiGe are mainly used for thermoelectric power generation, among which Bi2Te3 and its doped compounds are considered as thermoelectric materials with the best thermoelectric performance at room temperature. Composite organic thermoelectric materials have good flexibility, electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, film formation and excellent mechanical properties, and are very good thermoelectric materials. Although the thermoelectric properties of organic conductive polymers are still lower than those of inorganic semiconductor materials, due to the increasing demand for flexible materials, organic composite thermoelectric materials have great development value. Organic composite thermoelectric materials have great application prospects in future environmental protection and energy-saving devices.

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