2020 GaN (Gallium Nitride) may become hot material of the year

As a new generation of semiconductor materials, GaN will gradually show its superiority. Gallium nitride (GaN) is a compound of nitrogen and gallium. Compared with traditional silicon-based semiconductors, it has better breakdown ability, higher electron density and electron mobility, and higher operating temperature.
In the opinion of Trunnano, Dr. Leo, GaN can work in high frequency, and high-temperature environment, high-pressure resistance, stable performance, long life, power-saving, light, and compact, these are its advantages. "Many applications will use GaN, such as 5G Radiofrequency, etc. "
At present, as the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, China has set off a new infrastructure boom, especially the acceleration of 5G construction, which has been promoted to a new height, and operators and local governments are pushing forward with all their strength.
In the opinion of analysts, the 5G construction boom will further drive the GaN market, especially in 5G base stations, the market prospect of GaN is broad.
GaN is a new type of semiconductor material. It is a compound of nitrogen and gallium. It is a direct bandgap semiconductor and an extensive bandgap semiconductor material. Together with silicon carbide (SiC), it has become a "third-generation semiconductor material," and the third-generation semiconductor material is becoming the focus of competition in the global semiconductor market due to its superior performance and substantial market prospects.
Trunnano is one of the world's largest GaN producers and has sufficient production capacity to meet market demand. If you need GaN, please contact Dr. Leo of Trunnano at e-mail: brad@ihpa.net.

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