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2020 Guangzhou International Vacuum Coating Technology and Equipment Exhibition-Trunnano will attend

The 2020 Guangzhou International Vacuum Coating Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex on August 6-8, 2020, SCIIF2020 is a professional and authoritative industry exhibition. It is an international event covering the entire vacuum coating materials and equipment.

Dr. Luo from Trunnano said, "The participation is for enterprises to establish a brand image, promote trade cooperation and strengthen production, research and development, and sales interactions, understand the new trends in the future development of vacuum coating equipment and materials markets at home and abroad, and tap market needs. The development of the company is of great significance. We hope to increase the opportunities for technical exchange, product display, and trade negotiations through this exhibition and participating merchants. "

Trunnano  is one of the world's largest nanomaterial manufacturers. The company's products include metal films, oxides, fluorides, sulfides, titanates, mixtures, and other films, sputtering targets, and metal targets. , Alloy targets, ceramic objectives, single crystal targets, oxide targets, and other targets. The company has been providing high-quality nanomaterials to the international market. If you have product requirements or questions about the product, please contact the Minister of International Affairs Leo, email:

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