3D printing new materials, the strength is ten times that of steel, and the density is only 5% of steel, which is impressive!

The Massachusetts Institute used a multi-material 3D printer to study one of the most durable lightweight materials. By compressing and melting the graphene sheets, they created an article with a density of 5% of steel and a strength of 10 times that of steel.

The researchers compressed the graphene sheets by heat and pressure, and they finally got a stable and robust structure that looked a little like coral. Immediately, scientists discovered that it is this unusual, coral-like shape that makes compressed graphene so strong, not the nature of the material itself. Therefore, by replicating this 3D form on other cheaper materials such as plastics, scientists can achieve graphene-like strength at a lower cost.


When the graphene structure was compressed to the limit, the researchers found that they obtained an incredibly durable material with a density of 5% of steel but strength of 10 times that of steel. 

Although there are various novel 3D printing materials in development, the current mainstream in the industrial industry is still metal 3D printing materials. Trunnano is one of the world's largest metal 3D printing material production companies. Alloys, aluminum-based alloys, iron-based alloys, and estimated alloys. If you are interested, please contact Dr. LEO. Email: brad@ihpa.net

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