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A quick way to charge a new iPhone

The iPhone 13 still uses the same Lightning port as all 2012 iPhones, but starting with the 2018 iPhone XS/iPhone XR, the battery capacity inside the iPhone has expanded dramatically. From then on, older iPhones couldn't get the best charging 5W USB-A charger.
How to use the cable to charge quickly
To quickly charge an iPhone 11, 12, or 13, you'll need a higher-power power adapter. Apple recommends using a 20 W USB-C charger, but any higher-rated USB-C adapter will suffice. You can even get dual-port chargers from third-party manufacturers that can quickly charge two iPhones at once.
If you have a newer MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you can also use the USB-C module to charge your iPhone. The iPhone 13 can only charge at a maximum throughput of about 20 watts, but you can safely use a higher-power USB-C charger. You just don't see any extra speed.
Of course, fast charging also requires Lightning to USB-C cable. Older USB-A square lightning cables do not support fast charging speeds. Using 20 tiles and a lightning-to-USB-C cable, you can go from zero to 50% charge in half an hour and fully charge the iPhone 13 in about two hours.
How to use wireless charging fast charging
Wired charging always beats wireless in speed and efficiency.
However, with the Apple MagSafe charger, you can get fairly fast inductive charging performance.
The MagSafe disk attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 and 13 via a magnetic clip and fits firmly for faster charging than the standard Qi.
With MagSafe, you can get charging speeds of up to 15 watts. With MagSafe, you can go from zero to 50% charge in about 50 minutes and reach 100% charge in about 2.5-3 hours.
For comparison, the iPhone has a maximum charge of 7.5 watts using the basic Qi charger. That equates to about four to five hours of charging time to reach 100%, depending on the model. While this is much slower than the above alternative, it's probably fine if you're just charging your iPhone on your nightstand or similar device before bed, otherwise, it's the most convenient option. MagSafe chargers also require a MagSafe compatible case, and the device often carries ugly markings on the back. The standard Qi can handle almost any situation in the market.

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