AC EV Charging Station is regulated by the onboard charger itself

What is AC EV Charging station?
AC EV charging station is fixed to the outside of the electric vehicle, and the AC power grid is connected to the electric vehicle charger (i.e., the charger mounted on the electric vehicle) provides an AC power supply. The AC charging pile only provides power output, no charging function, requires a connection to the car charger to charge the electric vehicle. It is equivalent to controlling the power of the power supply. The AC charging pile is a 7-wire plug.
The power of the AC charging station is generally smaller (eg 3.5kW, 7kW, 15KW, etc.), slow charging speed, suitable for family and public use, usually installed in public parking, community parking spaces. After the electric car is completely discharged, it usually takes about 8 hours to fully charge the electric charging pile.


AC EV Charging working principle
AC EV Charging Station, also called AC EV Charging Station, is a device mounted outside an electric vehicle and connected to the AC grid to provide AC power to the onboard charger of an electric vehicle. AC EV Charging Station (AC EV Charging Station) provides only power output, but no charging function. It is connected to an onboard charger to charge the electric car.
AC EV Charging Station consists of:
The alternating current is composed of the main circuit and the secondary circuit, in which the main circuit is composed of a protective circuit breaker, AC power white meter, etc., while the secondary circuit is composed of a control relay, an emergency stop button, and a running state indicator light.
How AC EV Charging Station Works:
AC EV Charging Station (AC EV) is essentially a controlled outlet that outputs AC power, which is regulated by the onboard charger itself. It is limited by the power of the onboard charger, which is usually low in the range of 3.3 to 7 kW. When it is working, the main circuit input circuit breaker has overload, short circuit and leakage protection functions; AC contactor control power supply on and off; The connector provides a charging interface connected to the electric vehicle, with locking device and anti-misoperation function. The secondary loop provides "start and stops" control and "emergency stop" operation; Signal light provides "standby", "charge" and "full" state indication; AC intelligent electricity meter for AC charging metering; Human-computer interaction equipment provides credit card swiping, charging mode Settings and start-stop control operations.
AC EV Charging Station requires the use of onboard chargers, which are not required for DC quick-charging stations. There is a big difference in charging speed. It takes eight hours for an all-electric vehicle (normal battery capacity) to be fully charged through an AC EV station, but only two to three hours through a DC quick charging station. AC EV Charging Station (AC EV Charging Station) provides electricity input to the electric car's charger, which is not very powerful and cannot be charged quickly.
AC EV charging station supplier
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