Adobe is taking on the likes of Canva with its freemium model

Adobe renamed its Spark multimedia creation suite to Creative Cloud Express and created a standalone version. The idea is to help people create rich visual content such as social media posts, stories, flyers, and banners using a simple drag-and-drop interface. In addition to some free plans, there are also premium options of US$10 per month or US$99 per year.

The free version includes thousands of templates, fonts, and design assets, as well as some royalty-free photos. You will access some basic editing tools and photo effects on the web and the move, including background removal and animation. You will also get 2 GB of cloud storage space.
Although this may be sufficient for ordinary users, professionals may find premium plans more suitable. In addition to the free version, they can also access all advanced design assets and templates, more than 20,000 fonts, and all of the more than 160 million Adobe free images.
The brand manager will allow paying users to include their logos, brands, colors, and fonts with one click, which can save a lot of time and help maintain a consistent design language. There are more in-depth editing functions, such as graphic groups, resizing and fine-cutting. You will be able to import and export pdf and other file types.
Integration with Creative Cloud Library. All Express assets and templates can be edited and managed across other creative cloud applications. You will also get 100gb of storage space. In addition, the paid plan also includes the use of other Adobe applications. These include video capture and editing on mobile and desktop platforms (such as Premiere Rush); combining photos and creating collages (Photoshop Express); video slideshows (Spark video); and building web pages through text and images ( Spark Page).
Creative Cloud Express uses Adobe Sensei, the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology behind the company's core applications such as Photoshop and Premiere. The framework supports functions such as converting videos to gif and merging videos. The company also plans to integrate ContentCal, which automates social media publishing and reporting, into Express. Adobe announced an agreement to acquire ContentCal last week.
So far, Express can only be used in the Creative Cloud project. The standalone version can help Adobe better compete with companies such as Canva, Prezi, and Picsart, especially considering that there is a free option.
Express is included in all apps of Creative Cloud and the flagship single app plan of at least $20. The suites are also free for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Creative Cloud Express is now available online, and as an application in the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Enterprise Edition and Team Edition will be launched next year.

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