Analysis of the application situation of superplasticizer

The admixture is small and indispensable. Concrete admixture is a chemical substance added in the process of making concrete, which can improve the performance of concrete. The admixture in concrete is small (not more than 5%) but indispensable. Superplasticizer is the mainstream of admixtures, which accounted for 66.61% of the total output of concrete admixtures in 2017. After three generations of water-reducing agents, polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agents have now become mainstream products of water-reducing agents, accounting for 80.6% in 2019 %. The polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer industry presents the characteristics of small production, double strong standing, and low concentration.

The downstream demand for water reducer is in real estate and infrastructure, and it has a certain periodicity following the macroeconomic fluctuations. In recent years, the incoming quality of natural sand and gravel, one of the raw materials of concrete, has deteriorated, and the unilateral demand for water reducer in concrete has increased. The use scenario of the water-reducing agent is basically in commercial concrete. Commercial concrete has been promoted in China in recent years, and its permeability has been continuously improved. The increase in the permeability of commercial concrete will support the demand of water-reducing agent when the downstream of the industry is facing a downward cycle, creating a request for the industry. Alpha. In the post-epidemic era, steady growth promotes the necessity of investment; real estate regulation has not seen apparent marginal loosening. However, resilience is still there, and policy support for infrastructure is continuously increasing, and infrastructure growth in 2020 will rise to 10% The above certainty is very high.

In the commercial concrete industry, due to low manufacturing costs, uneconomical transportation, and significant differences in the quality of raw materials such as sand, fly ash, etc., and the regional attributes are more substantial, water reducer companies need to provide products and services according to local conditions. For enterprises, a general layout is crucial. In recent years, the natural river sand mining resources have been gradually exhausted, and the quality of incoming materials has deteriorated. The dependence of real properties on water reducing agents has increased. The product innovation and service attributes of water reducing agents have increased. The industry has benefited from this and continues to enjoy the status of the industrial chain. The product premium brought. At present, we do not see any signs of changes in the three factors that drive the increase in industry concentration. The industry concentration is ushering in an inflection point

At present, Tongrun can provide high-performance polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer powder and liquid (mother liquor). Analysis of the application situation of water reducer At the same time, the company can also formulate polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agents, which can reach early-strength, collapse-preserving, air-entraining, and other compounding modes of superplasticizer. If you are interested, you can send an email to for consultation



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