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Anyword, an artificial intelligence marketing copy generator, earned $21 million

Anyword, an artificial intelligence platform used to fine-tune marketing copywriting, today announced it has raised $21 million in a funding round led by Innovation Endeavors and involving Lead Capital and Gandyr Ventures. Yaniv Makover, Anyword's CEO, said the company has raised $30 million in total funding, which will be used to support recruitment, develop Anyword's technology, and help customers access the platform.
Anyword's growth comes at a time when marketers are increasingly embracing ai-driven creation tools. A survey by Phrasee, Anyword's competitor, showed that 63 percent of marketers surveyed would consider investing in AI to generate and optimize AD copy. Statista reports that 87% of CURRENT AI users are already using (or considering using) AI for sales forecasting and improved email marketing. Sixty-one percent of marketers said AI is the most important aspect of their big data strategy.
"Originally founded as Keywee, publishers like the New York Times, NBC, and CNN use the platform to analyze every article they write and find audiences based on keywords in those articles," Makover told VentureBeat via email."The process of writing has remained pretty much the same for the last hundred years. Computers and word processing have helped, but they haven't materially changed the way we convey information or narrative, especially to specific audiences and targets in mind. In marketing and sales, we write for someone, usually with measurable goals. Integrating data on which words, concepts, and styles are best suited to specific audiences and industries is what we're turning to."
Anyword claims to have trained a copy-generation model based on a /B test information from 2 billion data points from a variety of industries, channels, and marketing targets. With it, Anyword customers can create copies -- including headings, subheadings, email subject lines, text messages, descriptions, and headings -- while learning how different demographics react to changes in the same copy. The platform's tools can connect to advertising accounts, combine keywords with promotions (for example, "new to" and "free shipping"), and tailor copied content to a specific length. In addition, they can optimize on-site replication to show specific information to specific audiences.
"Train our AI copywriting tools to write copywriting in your brand voice, similar to that of your competitors, or similar to your top live ads," Anyword explains on its website.
With Anyword, a marketer inserts a URL, summary, or product description to make a copy. After selecting a format and tone, Anyword creates copies of multiple versions and scores and sorts them based on predicted quality. Based on this, Anyword can be rewritten to show comparisons between changes and constantly improve on existing ads.

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