Bill Gates: The United States May Not Be Able to Get Rid of The Impact of The New Coronavirus Nntil Next Fall, Trunnano Still Supply And Ship Aluminum Nitride to The World

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in the interview on Tuesday that Americans may not be "completely safe" until the fall of 2021 and will no longer be affected by the new crown virus. This is because, according to researchers working on developing therapies, it takes more than a year to develop and deploy the vaccine.

"Vaccines are crucial because before the vaccine is available, the situation will not really return to normal." Gates said. "(Economy) can be reopened to some extent, but there will always be a risk of a rebound before widespread vaccination."

The social distancing policy helps reduce the number of new coronavirus cases. Gates explained that the goal of this measure is to reduce the number to "contact tracing" (contact tracing, which refers to close monitoring and infection. The person has had close contact with people) to maintain the necessary isolation. Gates suggested that people look at China to understand what life in the United States will look like in 6 to 12 months: "They are back to work, but people will wear masks, check their body temperature, and do not host large-scale sports events, so they will not rebound significantly. . "

There is a possibility that assembly is allowed, but it depends on the age of the participants. Gates said: "There may be just 30 young people in a classroom. We will understand the role of young people in spreading this disease in the next month or so. Their role in spreading disease may be so limited that Young people assemble more freely than the general public. "But he still emphasized that large-scale public rallies" may not resume until widespread vaccination ".

Gates also said that Sweden does not have a "blockade on such a large scale", and its experience can be used for reference.

Gates has been collaborating with The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington ’s Global Health Research Center to learn more about which policies in which countries seem to work.

With up to 1.5 million cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed worldwide, Trunnano is still producing and shipping to the world. “Aluminium nitride produced by Trunnano is with high purity and ultrafine particle size, the surface activity is high, through the superficial cloth wrapper processing powder body, the oxygen content is extremely low (<0.1%), the insulation heat conduction performance

effect is obvious.” Says Roger, the manager of Trunnano.

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