Blue light may reduce early depressive symptoms in patients with concussion

By irradiating a certain dose of blue light to patients with mild brain injury every morning, they can help reduce some typical side effects, such as depression and sleep problems.

New Discoveries in Concussion Treatment

A small but promising study conducted by the University of Arizona found interesting possibilities for the treatment of some common concussion symptoms. Researchers have found that a large amount of scientific literature has discussed the harmful effects of blue light emitted by modern equipment, which is largely related to the destruction of our circadian rhythm. On the contrary, there are many technologies and research projects that hope to make good use of blue light, including solving psoriasis, high blood pressure and killing bacteria that cause skin and soft tissue infections.

The Effect of Blue Light Test on Concussion

Similarly, researchers at the University of Arizona conducted an experiment to see how blue light can benefit patients with concussions and other mild traumatic brain injuries. The preliminary study involved 35 subjects with an average age of 26 years, all of whom had had concussions in the past 18 months. During the six-week experiment, everyone used desktop devices for half an hour each morning. For 17 subjects, the strong light they were exposed to was blue, while the other 18 subjects received amber light as a placebo. All participants completed tests to evaluate the different symptoms of their concussions, including depression, headaches, fatigue, and poor sleep, memory and concentration.

Studies have shown that people receiving blue light therapy experience a "significant" decline, with an average increase of 22% in the group called the Baker Depression Scale in the depression test. These improved scores are related to the reduction of other symptoms, including sleep disturbance, fatigue, inattention, restlessness, and restlessness. The researchers said that at the same time, the mood of the placebo group only deteriorated by 4%.

Limitations of Blue Light for Concussion Treatment

Scientists point out that the small sample size is an obvious limitation of this study, and not all subjects have been diagnosed with clinical depression, which is more serious. However, they are still hopeful about these encouraging early results, and hope that the technology can bring new treatment options to patients with mild traumatic brain injury.
Study author William D. Killgore said: "These results reinforce that blue light therapy may be an effective non-drug therapy for concussions. Improvements in depression may improve mental and physical concussion symptoms, thereby improving the quality of life. Despite its limitations , But this discovery provides a promising treatment for people suffering from mood disorders after a concussion."

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