Boron carbide uses

What is Boron carbide?
Boron carbide (B4C) is also called black ruby. It is grayish black, and is a very difficult manufactured material: Its Morse solidity range is 9.3, microhardness is 5500 ~ 6700kg/mm2, 2nd just to ruby and also cubic boron nitride.
Boron carbide framework is hexagonal crystal. Boron carbide density is 2.52 g/cm3. Boron carbide melting point is 2450 ℃, and it decomposes and also volatilizes rapidly when the temperature is higher than 2800 ℃.

Boron carbide properties
Boron carbide is insoluble in water and also organic solvents, has solid chemical security, is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, as well as does not respond with almost all acid and alkali remedies. Boron carbide has big thermal neutron capture cross section and also strong neutron absorption capacity, so it is called neutron absorber and semiconductive.

What are the advantages of boron carbide?
High solidity.
Reduced density.
High melting factor.
High flexible modulus.
Chemical inertia.
High neutron absorption cross section.
Exceptional thermoelectric performance.

Boron carbide uses
Because of its attractive combination of attributes, it is an appropriate material for several high-performance applications.
The outstanding hardness of boron carbide makes it an ideal grinding powder for grinding, brightening and water jet cutting of metals and also porcelains. It is suitable for grinding, brightening, boring as well as various other handling of all type of cemented carbide devices, moulds, parts, parts and gemstones. Boron carbide can be made right into grinding paste as well as brightening paste with proper amount of oil or water as lubricant.

The combination of reduced details gravity, high hardness and sensible sturdiness makes it an ideal product for auto body and also vehicle shield.
Boron carbide is likewise extensively used as control rods, securing products and neutron detectors in nuclear reactors since it can soak up neutrons without forming long-lived radionuclides.
Because it is a p-type semiconductor, boron carbide can be an appropriate prospect for digital devices that can work at high temperatures.
Boron carbide is additionally an exceptional p-type thermoelectric material.

Some normal boron carbide applications include:
Sandblasting nozzle.
Sphere as well as roller bearings.
Sealing parts.
Wire illustration pass away.

Boron carbide Cost
The cost is influenced by numerous elements including the supply as well as need on the market, sector fads, economic task, market belief, as well as unexpected events.
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Boron carbide Provider
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