Clinical Application of Nitinol Memory Alloy |

What is Nitinol Memory alloy?

Nickel is an alloy with shape memory properties. This alloy can restore its plastic deformation to the original shape at a temperature. Its expansion rate exceeds 20%, its fatigue life can reach 1*10 to 7th powers, its damping characteristics 10 times greater than those of ordinary springs, and it is more resistant to corrosion than medical stainless steel. This makes it a versatile material that can be used for medical applications. Its unique shape memory function makes it a great choice for medical applications. Memory alloy also has outstanding characteristics like wear resistance, corrosion resistance and super elastic.

Clinical application of Nitinol Memory alloy

Spring made from nickel-titanium: These springs are used in orthodontics. They are flexible and suitable for orthodontic treatment. A nickel-titanium coil spring can produce 50g of force when stretched by 1mm. Nickel-titanium coilsprings have elastic properties that can produce a soft, stable and constant force under tension. The force's attenuation is extremely small and can be used to produce the perfect orthodontic force for moving clinically treated teeth. Conform to the physiological requirements. High elasticity and low permanent deformation rates are two of the advantages of Nitinol wire spring tension spring. The corrective force released is 2.5-4 times higher than stainless steel wire. In orthodontic treatment, the patient experiences light pain and a lasting feeling of softness and comfort. The treatment also speeds up the recovery time and reduces follow-up times. This improves the curative effect and shortens treatment time. It is an innovative mechanical device that can be used in orthodontic treatment.

It is used to level and align the patient's teeth. Because of its shape memory and superelasticity, the Nitinol Archwire is routinely used clinically as the initial arch in an orthodontic system. The patient's discomfort can be significantly reduced by using silk. MBT technology recommends using 0.0.016 inch heat activated titanium alloy archwire (HANTwire) and DEMON self-locking brace technology recommends using copper-containing heat activated titanium manufactured by Omcro. O-PAK correction technology recommends 0.016 inches super-elastic Nitinol ar wire for early alignment or leveling.

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