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Deep groove ball bearings for automobiles: the development of fretting wear-resistant greases under shaking conditions

WSBC bearings for automotive deep groove ball bearings used in the shaking environment successfully formulated a fretting wear-resistant grease use program with improved wear resistance under shaking environment.

This solution improves the wear resistance of the grease while ensuring the heat resistance of the oil through the optimal grease composition ratio. With the electrification of automobiles and the application of low fuel consumption, they have contributed to the improvement of the durability of grease in a shaking environment.

Deep groove ball bearings for automobiles

WSBC bearings are mainly supplied to OEM customers in many industries, such as mining, petroleum, chemical, coal, cement, heavy machinery, wind power, construction machinery, and other industries. At the same time, the complete supply chain of WSBC bearings makes it possible to provide customers with an entire supply chain of various standard and non-standard custom bearings. WSBC Bearing's professional engineering and sales team is willing to take care of each customer's requirements and provide cost-effective solutions.

Development background

For the sustainable development of society, with the strengthening of environmental regulations of automobiles, low fuel consumption and electrification are continuing to advance. Compared with the previous use conditions, in addition to the rotation, the use in the shaking state will gradually increase.

In the shaking environment, the fretting wear between the raceway and the rolling element of the bearing will cause wear or noise and vibration. Also, automotive bearings are used in high-temperature environments. Also, to wear resistance, there are specific requirements for heat resistance.


1. Improve wear resistance: use thickener to suppress fretting wear

Choose a substance that is readily adsorbed on the metal surface as a thickener for grease. Due to the decrease in the viscosity of the base oil, the thickener and the base oil will become easier to separate. Therefore, a thickener layer is formed on the surface layer of the raceway surface to achieve the purpose of suppressing fretting wear. The thickener has the function of maintaining the base oil serving as a lubricating function.

2. Maintain heat resistance: use additives that improve heat resistance

To improve wear resistance, the low-viscosity base oil is used, which may cause a reduction in heat resistance at high temperatures. Therefore, additives that can increase the heat resistance at high temperatures are added to the grease to ensure the same heat resistance as conventional greases.

Additives function as auxiliary base oils (representative additives: antioxidants, etc.)

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