Dispersion principle and technology of nanodiamond

Introduction of Nanodiamond dispersion
The dispersion of nanodiamond particles in the process of separating the agglomerates of nanodiamond particles into single nanodiamond particles, or making small agglomerates of nanodiamond particles uniformly distributed in the solvent medium.

Nanodiamond dispersion method
1. Physical dispersion
(1) Ultrasonic dispersion
Ultrasonic dispersion technology is often used in chemical production. It is also an effective method to reduce the agglomeration of nano-particles. The local high temperature, high-pressure shock wave, and micro jet generated during ultrasonic cavitation can greatly weaken the gap between nanodiamond particles. The nanometer effect can effectively prevent the agglomeration of nanoparticles and make them fully dispersed. Studies have shown that the use of a reasonable ultrasonic dispersion process can reduce the average particle size of nanodiamonds by more than half.
(2) Dispersion of mechanical force
The dispersion under the action of mechanical force is generally considered to be an ancient and simple physical dispersion, which is mainly a form of fully dispersing nanoparticles in the medium by mechanical energy such as external shearing force or impact force. Nanodiamonds are massive aggregates, which can be fully refined by mechanical grinding or ball milling.
2. Chemical dispersion
Chemical modification and dispersion are to use the surface groups of nanoparticles to produce chemical linkages with reactive organic compounds. Nanoparticles are soluble in organic media due to the organic compound branches or groups attached to the surface, thereby enhancing nanoparticles in organic media. In the dispersion.
3. Dispersant dispersion
Dispersant refers to a surfactant that can significantly change the surface or interface properties of a substance. The dispersant has a dispersing effect on nanoparticles. The use of polyoxyethylene nonionic surface active materials can disperse nanodiamonds and make them suspend and stabilize in water.
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