Fall Detection, Galaxy Watch 4 gets its first major update

The Galaxy Watch 4 has received some minor updates since its wearable launch in August, but today Samsung will unveil the first major update to the product. The first feature update to the Galaxy Watch 4, starting today, adds features like Fall Detection.
The Galaxy Watch 4, which is about to be released via the Galaxy Wearable App, brings several notable changes, the most likely being the return of fall detection. 

This safety feature is supported on the Galaxy Watch 3 but was lost when switching to the Wear operating system.What's new this time is that the Galaxy Watch 4 will not only detect if you've fallen while exercising but also if you're standing still, which makes the feature more valuable for older users. To do that, though, you'll need to manually increase sensitivity, but in either case, the feature allows users to send SOS to up to four pre-selected contacts. Samsung told 9to5Google that Fall Detection works even if you're not paired with a Samsung phone.
In addition, Samsung added new gesture controls to the Galaxy Watch 4. You can customize a "tap" wrist action to open an app, start a workout or use other functions without touching the display.
The update also expands Samsung's range of watch faces. Samsung Electronics plans to add four watches, including Basic Dashboard and Info Brick, and Weather Center. There's also a new "Live Wallpaper" watch face with Wallpaper similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. The 'My Photos +' dial is also being updated to support looping video/GIF and the 'Animals' dial is getting complicated around it. On the new dial, the "Step Challenge" dial has a new animation effect.

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