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Five major uses of manganese dioxide, Trunnano produces high-quality manganese dioxide

Manganese dioxide is one of the indispensable raw materials in industrial production. It is widely used in various industries. The following small series will introduce the primary uses of manganese dioxide.

First, the role of manganese dioxide in ceramics is to make glaze color, kiln change glaze, and crystal glaze are mostly used in brown, dark brown, black.

Secondly, another primary purpose of manganese dioxide is to be used as a coloring agent in the brick-making industry to make bricks appear red, brown, or bluish-gray.

Thirdly, manganese dioxide is used as a bleaching agent in the glass manufacturing industry and is known as "the soap of the glassmaker". Ordinary glass is often green due to trace iron (II). It is not easy to remove this trace iron. If manganese dioxide is added during glass melting, the glass becomes colorless and transparent. This is because manganese dioxide oxidizes iron (II) to iron (III), and manganese (IV) is reduced to manganese (III). Iron silicate (Ⅲ) is yellow, and manganese silicate (Ⅲ). It is purple. Yellow and purple are complementary colors, and it looks colorless. Manganese dioxide is used in the chemical industry to oxidize aniline to hydroquinone (hydroquinone is extremely important in the development of developers and dyes and paints).

Fourth, in the electronics industry, manganese dioxide is used to synthesize ceramic ferrite MnFe2O4, which is used in scanning transformers and deflection coils of televisions. The addition of rare earth element oxides to manganese dioxide can produce single crystals with piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties. A mixture catalyst of 50-60% manganese dioxide, copper oxide, cobalt oxide (or silver) is used in a special gas mask for preventing carbon monoxide as an absorbent for carbon monoxide. Adding manganese dioxide to the "drying oil" used in the manufacture of paint as a drier can accelerate the oxidation of oil (such as linseed oil) in the air, allowing it to dry as soon as possible. Manganese dioxide has strong adsorption and can easily absorb mercury vapor. When washing with mercury vapor in a bipolar foam scrubber with manganese dioxide suspension (pH = 2 ~ 5), 99% of the mercury can be captured. The amount of mercury absorbed can reach 20% of the dry weight of manganese dioxide in the suspension liquid. After the mercury is extracted, the manganese dioxide is calcined at 500 ° C for 2 hours for regeneration. Manganese dioxide is also used as a combustion aid for the match industry, ceramics, enamel glaze, etc.

Fifth, manganese dioxide has a strong catalytic, oxidation/reduction, ion exchange, and adsorption capabilities. After treatment and molding, it is an excellent water filter material with overall performance. The process is simple when it is used in groundwater treatment Convenient operation, low project cost, long-term stability, long service period, easy to manage, can remove harmful substances such as manganese, iron, arsenic, etc. in the water without adding any chemical agents—excellent groundwater treatment filter material.

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