Google may fix iMessage chat

If you've ever texted with an Android user, you know whose conversations are quickly swamped with messages like "Jason laughs at" or "Roman likes." Once an Android user joins a group chat, Apple's iMessage response emoji turns into a text prompt, so no one misses what's happening.
This may change in the future Google Messages update. According to 9to5Google, Google has changed emojis such as "like," "emphasize," and "laugh" to "iOS_React Classification," "Show iPhone reactions with emojis," and "iOS_React Mapping."

It's not entirely clear how these new responses work, but Google appears to be working to change the way Android phones respond using Google Messages. Based on 9to5Google's understanding, messages will be marked with a heart emoji rather than a "like," and there will be no need to repeat the entire message. Instead, the appropriate emoji appears underneath the original message, similar to the way iPhone users use it.
Of course, there are many unknowns. First, the feature may never be released. On the other hand, we don't know what Google is doing here, so we need to see it in action. Strictly speaking, it could be a Google Messaging feature on one device that doesn't change what iPhone users see on the other side.
But for the first time in years, Google has realized that Android users don't text with iPhone users much. Since Apple isn't going to change the way iMessage works to accommodate Android users, Google may end up doing it.

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