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Growth in demand for precision bearings is expected to drive the bearing market

• Industry information

With the continuous growth of industrial automation demand for precision bearings, the bearing market revenue continues to grow. Including aircraft, increasing demand for a variety of applications, including the aerospace industry and machine tools, has led to the adoption of precision bearings. Besides, byAs more and more robots are adopted, the demand for miniature bearings will continue to grow, which will boost the bearing market development. According to secondary data, 2.1 million independent industrial robots were installed worldwide in 2017. In-office automation advances in chemical, medical, and audiovisual equipment are leading to increased demand for miniature bearings.manufacturingBusiness is focused on the development of small bearings.


• Bearing knowledge

The international trade of bearing is stepping forward with the development footprint of the world taking industry. Like the development process of carrying manufacturing in the world, it has also gone through several historical stages,which are interlinked and have their characteristics.

With the development of the world taking industry, the unique function of bearing has been widely recognized, especially with the modernization of war means. Every country is in urgent need of bearing, eager to establish the bearing industry, so a large number of bearing factories have appeared in each state. In international bearing trade, there are spot trade, futures trade, and barter trade. Especially in the second world war, the bearing has been listed as a strategic material, the axis and allied members are trying to get the urgently needed varieties of bearings, but also to avoid encirclement, secret transport, and even armed escort. However, countries at that time only from the war to encourage imports, import restrictions measures have not produced any to protect their industry and build tariff barriers. Generally speaking, although the trade order at that time was also chaotic, the competition was not fierce, and the international trade amount of bearings was also minimal.

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