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What's Aluminum Nitride Ceramic?

Aluminum nitride ceramics (AIN) are ceramics that contain aluminum nitride as the main crystal. The main raw material used to manufacture high thermal conductivity aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates is aluminum nitride nitride powder. This has the following characteristics: high purity; small particle sizes and high activity.

Ceramics made from Aluminum Nitride Ceramics are hard

Aluminum nitride ceramics have become increasingly popular with advances in science and technology. This aluminum nitride pottery is used mainly in electronics, aerospace, and semiconductors. High strength and hardness of aluminum-nitride ceramics are some of the key characteristics. Aluminium nitride clays have a hardness second to that of diamond.

Alu nitride is a key structural ceramic material. Its chemical formula is ALN. Aluminum nitride is extremely hard and resistant to wear. It can also withstand high temperature oxidation. Ceramics made from aluminum nitride can be produced under normal pressure.

First, aluminum nitride cermics come in fourth place in organic materials. Hot-pressing sintering is the best way to obtain high-density aluminium nitride. It is strong and resistant to oxidation, and it can withstand high temperatures without deformation. It is suitable for use as turbine blades in high-temperature gas turbines. It is a wear-resistant sealing agent and can also serve as a heating pad for heating silicon wafers.

Aluminium nitride ceramics have a high degree of hardness, making them difficult to process. The process is not possible without the use of professional technology or sophisticated equipment. Material can also be considered scrapped when the workmanship has been lost.

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