High Purity Graphite Powder and its use

What is High Purity graphite powder? High Purity Graphite Pulver It uses advanced production equipment and testing instruments to create high-purity, low-carbon Nano-scale graphite, which can be used for wire drawing and conductive as well as other industrial applications.
High Purity Graphite Pulp has many uses. Add the required amount. High Purity Graphite Pulver It is possible for the oil to form graphite-lubricating films under high temperatures friction. This significantly reduces friction coefficient. Used in the machine industry, it protects equipment and helps to reduce maintenance costs. Used in automotive, it reduces the use of oil. It can be used to completely burn fuel oil while still achieving environmental protection.
Specifications and characteristics of high purity graphite powder
High Purity Graphite Powder can be obtained by a specific process. This produces a powder with high purity, small particles size and high surface activity. You can use it in all kinds of coatings and resins. Surface-treated high purity graphite powder is able to resolve the issue of dispersion as well as the phenomenon known as Nano powder agglomeration.

Particle size: 1mm-38mm (325 mesh-12500 mesh), carbon content: 90%-99.9%, moisture: 0.5%
Performance: The product has the characteristics of high quality natural ultrafine graphite, with special resistance to high temperatures. The graphite powder is both self-lubricating and flexible, as well as having excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, adhesion, and electrical conductivity.
Uses of High Purity Powder Graphite
There are many uses for nano-graphite, including electronic information pictures tubes, black conductive coatings, and display manufacturing industries. Useful in chemical industry, steel oil lubrication as well as other industries.
High purity graphite is commonly used as a lubricant, anti-corrosion coatings and rubber.
Another uses for high purity graphite powder
(1) Graphite is a mold release lubricant that can be used to produce catalysts for the chemical fertilizer sector.
(2) Graphite can be used in a variety of applications, including as a base material to high-temperature resistant lubricants or corrosion-resistant lubricants.
(3) This can be used in powder metallurgy as an alloy and raw material as well as as a lubricant for cable production.
It is also used in the preparation of conductive coatings.
(5) Used as a filler for rubber and plastic materials, to increase the wear resistance, compress resistance, conductivity, or conductivity.

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