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How is Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2 Powder produced?

Natural law
MoS2 can be prepared by the natural method, namely the molybdenite concentrate purification method, which is to remove the acid-insoluble matter in the molybdenite concentrate, SiO2, Fe, Cu, by subjecting high-quality molybdenum concentrate to certain physical and chemical actions. Ca, Pb and other impurities are further refined to obtain nano-MoS2. However, the purity of the nano-MoS2 produced by the natural method is not high, and the purification technology needs to be further improved. When the temperature is lower than 400℃, it is recommended to use the most expensive MoS2 when working in ordinary atmosphere. It has lubricating ability below 1300℃, and it is recommended to use the cost-based MoS2.
Chemical synthesis
The synthetic method can produce sulfides with high purity, less impurities, and fine particle size, and can prepare sulfides that meet different functional requirements. Therefore, the production of nano sulfides by synthetic methods has always attracted much attention. There are many methods for preparing nano-MoS2, such as ammonium tetrathiomolybdate thermal decomposition method, hydrogen sulfide or sulfur vapor reduction method, high-energy ball milling method, carbon nanotube space confinement method, hydrothermal synthesis method, high-energy physical method and chemical method combination and many more.
MoS2 nanosheets on MoNi4/MoO2 nanorods for hydrogen evolution
For a long time, people have been looking for active electrocatalytic electrodes as potential alternatives to platinum-free electrodes for hydrogen release reaction (HER). Here, we report the development of two-dimensional (2D) MoS2 nanosheet hybrid nanostructures grown on MoNi4/MoO2 nanorods as a synergistic nanostructure for the hydrogen release reaction. The nanostructure is unique because it consists of vertically grown atomically thin MoS2 nanosheets supported on MoNi4 / MoO2 nanorods with extremely high surface area. The structure and morphological characterization showed that the two-dimensional MoS2 nanosheets were uniformly coated on the MoNi4 / MoO2 nanorods through a convenient hydrothermal process. The obvious phase formation, surface composition and bonding state confirm the structural integrity and composition uniformity between MoS2 and MoNi4/MoO2 nanorods in the synergistic nanostructure. The electrochemical characteristics show that compared with the original MoS2, the MoS2: MoNi4 / MoO2 electrode shows a narrower Tafel slope (67 mV dec-1) and a lower overpotential (η10 = 155.6 mV), thereby accelerating the hydrogen release process In the alkaline medium reaction. Similarly, compared with the original 2D MoS2, the nanostructure-based collaborative electrode showed faster charge transfer to HER, and at the same time showed more catalytically active sites during the accelerated charge transfer process. MoS2 synergistic effect: MoNi4 / MoO2 nanostructured electrodes show stability for more than 8 hours and have enhanced HER performance.
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