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How to clean industrial bearings

When disassembling an industrial bearing for maintenance, first record the appearance of the industrial bearings, confirm the amount of remaining oil, and sample the lubricant for inspection before cleaning the bearings. As for cleaning agents, gasoline and kerosene are usually used.
Industrial bearings after cleaning are divided into rough cleaning and special cleaning. Place them in the container, and place the bottom of the wire mesh first, so that the industrial bearing will not directly touch the dirt of the box. In the rough cleaning process, if the industrial bearing rotates with the soil, it will damage the rolling surface of the industrial bearing, so be careful. In rough cleaning, use a brush to remove grease and stickies. After cleaning, please perform high-quality cleaning. Excellent cleaning is to clean the bearings carefully while rotating the bearings in the oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.
Maintenance and judgment of industrial bearings: To judge whether the disassembled industrial bearings can be used, they should be checked after cleaning the bearings. Check the raceway surface, the rolling surface, the condition of the mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase of the industrial bearing clearance and any damage with poor dimensional accuracy. For small ball bearings that are not separated, support the inner ring horizontally with one hand, and then rotate the outer ring to check whether it is smooth. Individual bearings such as tapered roller bearings can be used to inspect the rolling elements and the raceway surfaces of the outer ring separately. Since large bearings cannot be rotated by hand, please pay attention to check the appearance of rolling objects, raceway surfaces, cages, ribs, etc., so the importance of bearings is higher.

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