How to use focus mode to make your iPhone status bar look prettier

Customization has always been an advantage of Android smartphones.iPhone users, on the other hand, have to deal with the restrictions Apple places on their operating system. In recent years, however, Apple has struggled to give users the power and some control to tailor their iPhones to their style or mood. Widgets are a big change for the company, making the home more than just a few ICONS. More recently, we've also seen a trend for users to use Apple's new focus mode to place ICONS of their choice in the status bar.

An important feature of focus mode is that you can set a specific icon to recognize when you have a specific mode active. Sometimes setting the focus mode can be complicated for the average user.
For an icon to appear in your status bar, you need to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 15 and your iPad is running iPad 15.There are more than 25 ICONS to choose from, including fun ICONS such as smiley faces, fire symbols, light bulbs, and paw prints. So if you want to join this new trend, be prepared to check out these steps:
By following the steps above, you will have successfully set up a special icon on the status bar. This trend is growing exponentially among iPhone users. Of course, that's not exactly the reason behind Apple's "head" in developing this feature. However, this clearly shows that iPhone/iPad users are crying out for more ways to customize their smartphones to make them unique.
IOS 15 was released shortly after the iPhone 13 series was released in September. The update also introduces some bugs, which Apple recently released iOS 15.1 to fix. Still, many of the announced features are missing from the software.

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