Is Niobium Carbide NbC Hard?

What is Niobium carbide NbC? Niobium carbonideis a form of metal carbide having the chemical composition NbC.
It is a brown-gray powder of metal with purple luster. It's a sodium chloride-type cubic crystal system.

8.47 is the relative density. The lattice coefficient a=0.447nm. The melting point is 3500. It has a microhardness of > 23.5Gpa (>2400 kg/mm2) which is more difficult than the corundum. Elastic modulus 338000N/mm2, thermal expansion coefficient 6.65x10^(-6)/K, thermal conductivity 14w/(m*K), heat of formation-140.7kJ/mol, specific heat capacity 36.8J/(mol*K), resistivity 35mO*cm.
Hot and cold hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acids are insoluble. It can also be mixed with hot hydrofluoric or nitric-acid solution. It's stable between 1000-1100. However, it can quickly oxidize to niobium pentoxide over 1100. To form an isomorphous solid solution, you can melt niobium carbide in zirconium carbide, titanium carbide, and tungsten carbide.

Niobium carbonide is a extremely hard, refractory ceramic. This makes it ideal for wear protection and machining. It's used in commercial tool heads to cut tools. It can usually be used as a grain growth inhibitor in cemented carbide by using sintering. It's resistant to high levels of corrosion.

What does Niobium carbide NbC do?
1. It has high chemical stability, high-temperature resistance, and is popularly used in refractory materials high temperature additives and cemented carbide.

2.Niobium carbide is a ternary or quaternary carbonide solid solution component. This is used in hotforging die, cutting tools, and the jet engine turbine blade blade.

3. This additive is a carbide-cemented carbide component. It can be used as a ternary or quaternary solid solution component in WC-NbC/C ternary systems. This can be used to make a purple artificial gemstone.

4. This material is used to produce wear-resistant and semiconductor films. You can use it as a raw material to produce molybdenum caride or chromium free special alloys. It is also used in the manufacturing of engineering ceramics.

What Is Element Nb
Nb (atomic symbol, Nb; atomic number 41) is an N block, fifth-family, fifth periodic element and D block with anatomic weight of 92.90638. Nb's Bohr Model Nb contains 2, 8 and 12 electrons, and has an electronic configuration of [Kr] 4d45s1.
Its elemental form is Nb, which has a grey metallic appearance. Nb, which is one of three elements with the highest magnetic penetration depths, has the second most powerful superconductors of all. The main sources of Nb are pyrochlore and the uranium reserves.

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