Large car companies invest in lithium batteries, and bismuth oxide market looks better

In 2020, the global new energy vehicle market will continue its rapid development trend. Major global auto companies, especially traditional European car manufacturers, will increase their efforts in electrification.
In November 2019, the Volkswagen Group announced that it would invest 60 billion euros in hybrid, electric mobility and digitalization in the next five years, of which the investment in the pure electric field will reach 33 billion euros, accounting for 23% of the total investment in the next five years. Volkswagen's luxury brand Audi will lay off 9,500 employees in 6 years and reduce domestic production capacity in Germany to save 6 billion euros in cost and transform electrification. BMW will also fully promote electrification and future mobility transformation and will realize the layout of 25 new energy models by 2023 two years earlier than initially planned. Daimler expects that Mercedes-Benz will launch more than ten pure electric vehicles by 2022. By 2030, it is estimated that the total sales volume of Mercedes-Benz brand electric models will reach 12.7 million, accounting for more than 50% of the total sales.
In addition to new energy automobile companies re-emphasizing lithium iron phosphate batteries, with the launch of 5G new infrastructure, operators such as China Mobile have also issued tenders for lithium iron phosphate batteries.
China Mobile took the lead in issuing a tender announcement to purchase 610.2 million Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries (approximately 1.95 GWh), and the maximum bid limit price excluding tax amounted to nearly 2.508 billion yuan. China Tower also announced on March 11 that it would purchase lithium iron phosphate batteries on a large scale with a procurement scale of about 2GWh.
It is understood that the power of 5G base stations is 3.5 times that of 4G base stations. The original backup battery capacity cannot meet the backup power requirements, and the lithium iron phosphate battery with higher energy density is expected to be reused.
Bismuth oxide powder, as an electronic functional powder doping material, is widely used in the production of sensitive components, dielectric ceramics, and other electronic components. Oxygen ion has good conductivity and can be used to make various solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen sensors. Bismuth oxide is also an active material often used in chemical power sources, such as excellent corrosion inhibitors for mercury-free zinc batteries, electrode materials for lithium batteries, and additives that improve the changeability of alkaline Zn / MnO2 batteries.
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