Las Vegas Concrete Show to boost sales of concrete superplasticizer

The Las Vegas Concrete Exhibition (World of Concrete) is the world-renowned annual event of the concrete and construction machinery industry. It is also the largest international exhibition for the concrete industry. So far, it has held more than 40 sessions. The area of the last exhibition was 57,000 square meters, with nearly 1,250 exhibitors, attracting professional buyers from 130 countries and 60,000 professional visitors. The exhibition focuses on the development of concrete production (raw materials, processes, technologies, equipment) and related construction machinery industries. It is an important platform for understanding the development level of the world's concrete technology and equipment and seeking suppliers and trading partners.
According to the logistics understanding of Huilida Exhibition, the exhibition is held by the Informa Group and is held once a year. It has a wide influence in the world's concrete production, equipment manufacturing and related construction machinery industries. It is the concrete technology and equipment of various countries. Best trading platform. The U.S. Department of Commerce's IBP exhibition is the 20th largest exhibition in the U.S. Show Magazine. In 2020, the Las Vegas Concrete Show was selected to participate in the 2020 International Buyer Program-IBP. International buyers plan to promote overseas delegations to cooperate with US exhibitors, build partnerships, and promote sales.
With more and more technical exchanges on concrete in various countries around the world, various advanced concrete production equipment and construction equipment are applied to actual production, and the application of concrete will become more widespread. As a necessary additive for concrete, superplasticizer can reduce the water demand of the concrete while maintaining the same fluidity, thereby improving the strength and durability of the concrete, or improving the cement usage and water-cement ratio unchanged Concrete fluidity, improving concrete workability. The better the superplasticizer is, the more conducive it is to the production of concrete, and the more it can increase the strength of concrete. As a professional manufacturer of superplasticizer, our company can provide high-quality superplasticizer to our customers. If you need superplasticizer, you can contact us:

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