Learn artificial intelligence! No, let's learn lightweight foam concrete

From the perspective of landing, there will be more demand for significant data recruitment, especially with the development of 5G, the amount of data to be processed will surge, and the future of big data will be broader. Although the current artificial intelligence is hot, it can be more a replacement for the low-end workforce. At this stage, it will be replaced, like workers on the Foxconn assembly line. What's more, many so-called experts of Yanbian artificial intelligence. Their artificial intelligence is half of Python, and the other half is PPT ...

Job hunting starts with the end and casts nets where there are fish.


You can easily find a job site to look at the data, such as Baidu Baipin, search for the keywords "big data" and "artificial intelligence," and see the comparison of the number of jobs at a glance.


Learning any skills cannot be separated from reality; it depends on your situation.

What are players doing artificial intelligence now?

Several people in the industry, I know, are all learner-style players. The threshold for this profession and industry is relatively high. If you are not even a bachelor, and the basics of mathematics are not rotten, artificial intelligence is not for you. This is not a matter of clapping your head and having determination. Including the study of big data, although the threshold is slightly lower, I also recommend that you have a bachelor's degree or above. Of course, you can learn. You can take the initiative to send it to your door. Indeed, there will be a training institution that will take it. How about it? The bright threshold of recruitment requirements will make your job search extremely difficult ...

Efforts will succeed, and love can be together, college students who have not stepped out of the ivory tower can be naive. I believe that such chicken soup, after entering Vanity Fair, will not kill you if you use your brain.

Why do many institutions offer courses in artificial intelligence?

Because the cost is low! There is no shortage of institutions in the industry for profit, and "artificial intelligence" and "Python" are all hot words. Even if it is only artificial and no intelligence in the course, you have to want to recruit them to the upper class ... More Needless to say. A friend I know, is doing artificial intelligence training. The trainees are all graduate students of Beihang University and Bayou. You graduated from financial management with a bachelor's degree, want to switch to mixed IT, and the probability of learning artificial intelligence is too low.

What matters in a mixed society is the law of large numbers. Don't simply believe that "other people can do it; I can do it." But it is not impossible; for example, you are more suitable for learning front-end development.

The lightweight foam concrete belongs to an industry with multiple sources of construction applications. For example, lightweight foam concrete can be used as external wall insulation boards, lightweight partition boards, CLC blocks, roof insulation layers, roadbed bridge filling, etc. Lightweight foam concrete is stable in all aspects such as lightweight, fire resistance, heat insulation, heat insulation, and waterproof. Is a right choice for indoor and outdoor wall insulation materials.

It has a wide range of applications, and the demand for lightweight foam concrete admixtures is also huge. Such as foaming agentplasticity, foam stabilizer, reinforcing agent, PVA fiber, PP fiber, etc. Tongrun is committed to the research and development of foamed concrete admixtures. If you want to learn how to make lightweight foam concrete wall panels, you can send an email to sales@cie-china.org

Taking the right path is more important than choosing the right way.

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