Malaysia's new coronavirus continues to rise, and palm oil prices skyrocket, Malaysia's economic trend

Malaysia's new coronavirus continues to rise, and palm oil prices skyrocket, Malaysia's economic trend is terrible

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Malaysia's economy is slowing down, and the rich are also under pressure. The weakening of the country's currency ringgit, coupled with the country's stock benchmark index falling nearly 10%, has caused the wealth of 50 (groups) of luxurious to fall for the second consecutive year. Their net worth is $ 79 billion, down 7 percent from a year ago.
Commercial legend Robert Kuok, 96, continues to hold the top spot for $ 11.5 billion. Of course, Guo Henan has been at the top of the list for more than 20 years. In the past year, the wealth of four people on this list has shrunk by more than one billion dollars. Guo Henan is one of them. In US dollars, the most affected is Teh Hong Piow, founder of Public Bank, and banking tycoon. His ranking also dropped from third place last year to fifth place this year.
AirAsia's Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun each lost more than a third of their wealth. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has led to reduced air travel. Also, AirAsia was hit another blow in early February. A British court ruled that AirAsia and unnamed executives were involved in Airbus bribery cases. AirAsia has denied all allegations of misconduct and said the company is investigating the matter.
Overall, the net worth of the 22 participants is lower than in the same period last year. At the same time, the same number of listees rose slightly. The latter includes gaming tycoon Chen Lip Keong. This year, Zeng Liqiang entered the top 5 for the first time, ranking 4th with a net worth of $ 5.3 billion. Also, Kuan Kam Hon's wealth has grown. His holding, Hartalega Holdings, is the world's largest manufacturer of nitrile gloves.
Guan Jinan ranked 9th. COURTESY OF HARTALEGA
There are five newcomers this year. Among them, the richest are a pair of brothers who inherit the wealth of the family. Li Shenjing, who built a palm oil and real estate empire, died last June. His sons Lee Yeow Chor and Lee Yeow Seng inherited the $ 4.8 billion legacies he left behind. There are also two entrepreneurs in the tech industry this year: Chu Jenn Weng, founder of electronics maker ViTrox, and Oh Kuang Eng, a former engineer at Hewlett-Packard and now a semiconductor equipment company Mi Technovation.
The five wealthiest people on the list last year were absent this year. The most remarkable is Anthony Tan, co-founder of Grad. Grad, a ride-sharing software company with a valuation of up to $ 14 billion, has moved out of its hometown of Malaysia to become a regional enterprise headquartered in Singapore. Tan is a Singapore citizen and may be a candidate for the Singapore Rich List. Also, four rich people are absent this year. Among them, the oversupply of new real estate projects has curbed prices, which has affected Leong Kok Wah, a real estate development tycoon from Eco World.
EIA released its latest inventory report, which showed that US crude oil inventories increased by 784,000 barrels to 444.1 million barrels last week, an estimated increase of 2.644 million barrels. EIA said that US crude oil output last week reached 13.1 million barrels per day, hitting a record high, and refinery capacity utilization fell by 1% to 86.9%. Also, Saudi Arabia proposes OPEC + to reduce output by 1.2 million barrels per day, but Russia opposes Saudi Arabia's proposal to cut production significantly.
It is worth noting that under the combined effect of sudden strain on prevention and control of the Indian epidemic, India no longer extending the 5% import tax on Malay palm oil, and Ramadan stocking, palm oil futures surged 4.36%. According to reports, on March 4, the Ministry of Health of India held a press conference to announce that the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in India rose to 28 cases. There were 22 new cases that day, including 15 Italian tourists who tested positive earlier and an Indian who was driving the tour group.
As of the close of the morning this morning, the U.S. stock S & P 500 index rose 4.22%, Europe's Stoxx50 index rose 1.19%, the US dollar index rose 0.26%, WTI crude oil rose 0.21%, Brent crude oil rose 0.19%, London copper rose 0.62%, and gold fell 0.24%. US soybeans rose 0.29%, US soybean meal fell 0.61%, US soybean oil rose 1.92%, US sugar fell 2.39%, US cotton rose 0.41%, CRB index fell 0.16%, and BDI index rose 2.37%.
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