Piezoelectric ceramic assisted ventilator manufacturing-piezoelectric material zirconium dioxide will have more extensive applications

Signs of patients with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia developing a severe or critical illness are respiratory failure, rapid breathing, and hypoxic manifestations. Therefore, in the early detection of hypoxemia using ventilator intervention can prevent critically ill patients from becoming sick critically and earn time for saving patients' lives. For the manufacture of ventilators, piezoelectric ceramics are indispensable, because piezoelectric valves based on piezoelectric ceramic materials are the critical components of modern ventilators. The piezoelectric valve can finely adjust the dose, thereby accurately Control the amount of oxygen mixed. And because the piezo valve is almost silent during the switching process, it will not disturb those patients who need assisted breathing through the instrument day and night, which is widely praised by the medical community.

Piezoelectric ceramic is an information-functional ceramic material that uses the piezoelectric effect to convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. Due to its simple design, fewer moving parts, no lubrication operation and high-reliability features, piezoelectric actuators can be used in various industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer electronics fields. Including knock sensor, reversing sensor, acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, sonar transducer for target recognition, sonar transducer for positioning/navigation, level sensor, gas sensor, tire pressure sensor Energy harvester. Lithotripter, dental scaler, ultrasonic scalpel, ultrasonic sprayer, ultrasound examination and treatment.

Then let's take an example of using the positive piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics: there is currently a gas stove on the market. The new lighter used in it uses the positive piezoelectric effect. As long as you press the ignition button with your finger, the piezoelectric ceramic on the lighter can generate high voltage, form an electric spark and ignite the gas. This piezoelectric lighter is not only easy to use, safe and reliable but also has a very long life. For example, a lighter made of zirconium dioxide piezoelectric ceramics can be used more than 1 million times.

Besides, piezoelectric ceramics also have many sophisticated applications in the fields of sound converters, piezoelectric detonators, nuclear protection goggles, ultrasonic transducers, sonar, and so on. What is more noteworthy is that with the advent of the 5G era, piezoelectric ceramics are also used for filters. It is foreseeable that with the development of integration and miniaturization of piezoelectric ceramics, its applications will be more extensive.

Trunnano is one of the largest manufacturers of piezoelectric ceramic raw materials zirconium dioxide. After all, the broad market prospects of piezoelectric ceramics can promote the rapid development of raw materials. If you are interested in piezoelectric ceramics raw materials, please contact the manager of the international marketing department lee. brad@ihpa.net.

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