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Quest headsets can capture VR games on your phone

Meta's Reality Lab department will launch the last major software update for Quest and Quest 2 before the end of the year. You will want to download it as soon as possible because it adds some convenient features.
One of them allows you to record yourself in a game or application. If you have a VR headset, you may have watched a video like the one above, and you can see how the game goes. Before today, you need special equipment to capture shots from a mixed reality perspective. With the new update, you can use your phone.
Mobile Mixed Reality Camera Reality Lab Of course, the final result is not as perfect as the above video, but you can still understand the performance of games such as "Beat Saber" in the real world. You need iPhone XS or higher iOS 11 or higher to use the new mixed reality camera. With today’s release, about a dozen games support this feature, including Superhot VR, Pistol Whip and Synth Riders.
This update also includes some features that Meta said at the Connect conference at the end of October that it will launch "soon". First, you can now make voice calls through the Messenger app on Quest and Quest 2 headsets. This feature not only allows you to call other Quest users, you can also call Facebook friends.
Reality Lab App Sharing Reality Lab Starting today, some games will allow you to back up saved data to the cloud. After downloading the update, the headset may not be able to use this function immediately. This is because Reality Lab stated that they are launching the product at a slower speed to ensure its normal operation. In addition, this is a feature for developers to choose from, so not all games support it, even if it is already widely used. Although the Quest platform is not new, today’s update also removes the experimental label for the multi-user and application sharing features introduced at the beginning of this year.
Finally, although not directly related to today's update, in the "coming weeks", Reality Lab plans to introduce a new customization option Horizon Studio. First, you can choose among multiple virtual office environments, and you can also decorate the space with customized posters and your company's logo.

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