Safari 15.2 will be even more colorful on iPhone and iPad

Apple's latest internal browser, Safari, and iOS 15.2 were updated on Monday.
The main attraction of Safari 15.2 is that it brings new and improved color formats to images displayed in the browser. As first reported by MacWorld, Safari so far only supports sRGB color space -- which has been in use since Safari was first introduced to the Mac in 2013.
While sRGB is highly optimized for Web use and includes a large portion of the overall color space, others are even larger, such as Adobe Gb and DCI-P3. Safari 15.2 provides this color space P3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac-native browsers to present users with brighter, more vivid images than before.
Web developers who want to provide users with a more visually appealing experience will be able to upload images in P3 color space without having to convert or degrade the full experience they have already captured or created.

In addition to improving the browser's visuals, Safari 15.2 also fixes six major bugs in WebKit.Webkit is a browser engine developed by Apple for all iOS browsers, Playstation consoles, and other devices. That's why, as soon as the Safari update is released, users download it to their iPhone, iPad, or Mac and try to keep their browsing experience as secure as possible.
On top of that, Safari will increase the browser's system memory to 4GB, as apple's latest release notes state. This would be a major improvement in user engagement with highly complex web pages that function almost like programs and can take up a lot of memory at the risk of crashing the device or freezing other processes.
Safari 15.2 for the iPhone comes bundled with Apple's iOS 15.2, and just like on macs, the browser update includes the latest macOS Monterey 12.1. On the other hand, users of older versions of macOS Catalina or Big Sur can download Safari 15.2 independently, outside of the main operating system.

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