Silicon nitride and silicon nitride ceramics

Silicon nitride Ceramics and silicon nitride Ceramics Silicon nitride An inorganic substance with chemical formula Si3N4. It's an important structural ceramic material that has high hardness, intrinsic lubricity and wear resistance. It's an atomic crystal and is very resistant to oxygenation. Additionally, it is resistant to heat and cold. You can heat it to over 1000 degrees Celsius in air and cool it quickly. Then, you will be able to break the ceramic. This is because silicon nitride pottery has excellent mechanical properties. People use it often to create mechanical components like bearings, blades for turbines, seal rings and permanent molds. Silicon nitride ceramics are heat-resistant and can transfer heat well at high temperatures. They are useful in heating engine parts.
Application and function of silicon Nitride
Silicon nitride This unique grain structure provides high strength, toughness, and excellent thermal resistance. The ideal material choice is for applications that have high thermal stress, dynamic stress, or high reliability. This special combination of material characteristics offers benefits in harsh environmental applications, such as high-end bearings and turbines.
This is its main purpose
Wear resistance, corrosion resistance. High mechanical strength and toughness. Electric insulation. Thermal shock resistant.
Parts that are wear-resistant, components of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and parts for high temperatures

What are the disadvantages of using silicon nitride ceramics for production?
Although silicon nitride has good properties, it also has the common property of ceramics--brittleness. Polycrystalline silicon nitride clays are made of covalently or electrically bonded crystal grains. This highly directional bond results in a lower density of dislocations within the ceramics as well as fewer slip systems and less energy for crack growth. There is virtually no energy dissipation mechanism in the fracture process. Because of its fatal weakness, brittleness can make it difficult to assure reliability. The research focus of silicon nitride Ceramics on increasing its durability and reliability is always important.
Why are the costs of ceramics made from silicon nitride so high?
1. Powder can be expensive.
For powder preparation, high-purity silicon powder must be used along with nitrogen. Temperature, time, and pressure control are essential. You can grind this powder with very high energy. High technical specifications are required for the entire process. The requirements of equipment and technology, along with quality management, for high purity, Nano-level particles size and high percentages of phase purity are extremely high.
2. The price of Silicon Nitride Ceramics is high.
1) The high cost of sintering. Three methods are used for silicon nitride's sintering: pressure less, pressure sintering, and reaction sintering. Ceramics evaluation shows that the quality of all three methods improves in a sequential order. All three methods offer their advantages. Costs are higher for ceramics of higher quality. This is due to higher requirements in technology, management, and equipment.
2) Expensive processing. High hardness of silicon nitride means that it needs to be processed using diamond abrasives. For special shapes, special equipment will be needed. Products made from silicon nitride are therefore more expensive.

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