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Small structures: Research Progress of lithium carbon dioxide batteries

In order to achieve global sustainable development

can be used not only as energy storage technology but also as carbon dioxide gas recovery system. Since the beginning of this research ten years ago lithium carbon dioxide batteries have attracted more more attention. However the research development of the battery is still in its infancy faces many scientific technological challenges. Fundamentally the reaction mechanism of carbon dioxide cathode is not clear enough. Technically high overpotential low power density poor rate capability limited cycle life hinder the development practical application of lithium carbon dioxide batteries.

manthiram research group of Material Research Institute of Texas State University reviewed the latest research progress of lithium carbon dioxide battery.

in a word lithium carbon dioxide battery is an innovative technology which can solve the contemporary environmental energy problems through the clean use of carbon dioxide. Although there are challenges in the development of science technology with the continuous efforts of researchers the electrochemical performance of lithium-carbon dioxide battery is expected to be significantly improved. However a lot of research development work need to be done to make this kind of battery system used for actual energy storage. In addition the innovation discovery of lithium-carbon dioxide battery research will also promote the development of lithium-air / carbon dioxide battery which also provides a potential boost for the practical application of lithium-air battery.

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