Sodium silicate water glass

What exactly does sodium silicate mean? Mixing of sodium silicate Quartz sand is a mixture of alkali and SiO2 to determine the modulus N of sodium silicate. It shows how the sodium silicate's composition. Between 1.5 and 3.5, the modulus of sodium silicate is an important parameter. Modulus refers to the difficulty of solid sodium silicate being dissolved in water. Normal-temperature water can dissolve it if n 1. If n is higher, you can dissolve it in warm water. If n is higher than 3, the silicate can be dispersed in hot water for 4 to 5 atmospheres. A sodium silicate with a higher modulus than 3 has more silicon oxide. This means that sodium silicate will have a higher viscosity and be easier to harden and decompose. There are many uses for sodium silicate. This silicate is used extensively in precision casting, ordinary casting, paper making and ceramics.

Use of sodium silicate
You can paint the surface of your material to enhance its weathering resistance. Silicic acid gel is a liquid that absorbs moisture from soil. It consolidates soil when it comes into contact with water. It has been used to repair cracks in brick walls. You can bond and reinforce brick walls by mixing sodium silicate and granulated blast furnace waste powder with sand. As an exterior surface for fire doors, sodium silicate water can be applied. This solution can also be used for acid-resistant maastic production and furnace lining.

Water glass using sodium silicate
There are many uses of water glass in nearly all areas of the economy.

Price of Sodium silicate
Product's price will depend on its purity and particle size. The purchase volume may also have an effect on sodium silicate cost. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On the company website, you can see the price of sodium silicate.

Sodium silicate supplier
Mis-asia Technology Co. Ltd. (Missasia) Luoyang City is a trustworthy and quality global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. They have more than 12 years experience producing high quality chemical materials and nanotechnology products, such as sodium silicates, graphite and nitride powders and 3D printing material. We are happy to help you find high-quality but cost-effective sodium sililicate. Get in touch Ask any question.

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