Study On Niobium Carbide Properties And NbC Application

A green cubic crystal with metallic shine, Niobium Carbide is part of the sodium chloride-type cubic crystal systems. Nickel carbide, also known as NbC is a metal carbide.

Niobium Carbide's Characteristics:

Its melting point is 3500 N, its microhardness is>23.5 Gpa, or> 2400 kg/mm2, which is more than corundum. Niobium carbid has an elastic modulus value of 338000N / mm2, a thermal conductivity rating of 14 w/ (m*K), and a resistivity rate of 35mO * cm.

Insoluble in cold, hot, hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acids. It can also be dissolved in hot, hydrofluoric, or mixed with nitric. The stability of the material is 1000 to 1100 degrees Celsius. It quickly becomes niobium peroxide above 1100. The fusible form of Niobium Carbide is found in zirconium carbide (titanium carbide), tungsten carbide, and titanium carbide.

NbC Applications:

1.NbC in composite materials

(1) Composite ceramics

Because of their excellent hardness and melting point, chemical stability, conductivity, and high mechanical strength, multiphase ceramic materials can be used as a raw material for multiphase materials.

(2) Hard alloy

You can use cemented carbide as an inhibitor to grain growth. However, you can also create a third phase with WC and Co and other carbides. This will significantly increase thermal hardness and thermal shock resistance. It has excellent cutting capabilities and can increase the alloy's hardness.

(3) Surfacing electro

Because the hard niobium-carbid hard phase is embedded in the structure of the weld layer, the welding layer's wear resistance and wear resistance are greatly enhanced. The electrode surfacing's wear resistance is about 1.21.8 times that of quatched 45 steel (HRC50), as well as 2.43.6 times better than Fe-Cr.C-B type of wear-resistant alloy.

(4) Aerospace components

It's used in preparation of parts of many aircraft equipments including turbine rotors.

2. NbC is used in the coating of materials

(1) Surface coating of mould steel

The metal carbide niobium has high hardness and heat resistance. The wear resistance can be improved by coating the niobium carbide on steel.

(2) Coating metal parts

A niobium carbonide layer is added to the metal base. This greatly increases the hardness of the material and can even reach HV2800.

(3) Additional niobium carbide coatings

Spacecraft's high-temperature areas are protected with niobium caride. This can dramatically increase the service life. Electronics industry uses ultra-fine cobalt, with niobium, as the medium layer for electron emission tubes. It has significant effects on increasing the emissivity and temperature at the gate. The gate also emits less heat.

3. NbC in metal niobium production

To produce metallic niobium, our country uses mostly indirect reduction. Niobium carbide produced is then used as a reducer. This reacts with niobium peroxide to form crude metallic nickel. Finally, the refined product is used to get metallic niobium that is higher in purity. In addition, niobium carbonide can be used to reduce niobium oxide directly and form pure metal.

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