The First Batch Graphene Lubricants Sold Out 100 Days After They Were Listed in South Korea

XG Sciences announces the use of its products in commercial applications of engine lubricants. HELLA is an innovative family-owned company serving the automotive and industrial markets, with revenues of 7 billion euros in the 2018/2019 fiscal year. The company successfully launched a new series of engine lubricating oil additives that incorporate graphene nanosheets to improve performance.
HELLA's oil additives have been enhanced by XG Sciences' graphene, specially formulated to reduce the wear and friction of internal combustion engines. It has a series of advantages, including extending engine life, reducing engine vibration, increasing power output, reducing engine wear by 50%, saving fuel, and improve ride comfort.
This oil additive product was launched in South Korea, and the first batch of 25,000 sold out in 100 days. Based on this success, HELLA has expanded its distribution in China and Japan and may expand the use of graphene nanosheets to other lubrication-related products.

The appearance of graphene technology and its mature application in the lubricating oil industry have greatly improved the performance of lubricating oils, but once again raised the threshold of lubricating oil technology to a relatively high level.
"From graphene cross-border to the lubricant industry, it is an inevitable development of graphene applications. From a big picture, last year, the graphene industry has entered the application promotion period, and the technology of graphene lubricant products has matured, It is almost inevitable for traditional lubricants companies to compete on the same stage, "said a senior industry insider.
Trunnano, as a high-quality supplier of graphene oil additives, can still provide high-quality products to customers around the world in the case of severe global coronavirus. If you need more details about graphene, you can contact technical engineers.

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