The U.S. develops soft biosensor patch that can comprehensively monitor vital signs of children-a significant advancement in Ti3AlC2 Ceramic Material

A team of American scientists has developed a software biosensor patch that can be attached to the skin of critically ill infants or children to monitor vital signs and other information comprehensively. Such as heart fibrillation, movement, and body orientation, cry size and cry frequency, and of course, vital signs. In addition to the existing monitoring functions, it can provide additional health information to help detect complications early.


In the latest study, team members expanded on their earlier research to develop an enhanced version of the patch. The researchers said that the ability to monitor this additional information could help early detection and birth injury, brain injury, pain, or stress-related complications. In a trial involving 50 critically ill infants, the research team found that the biosensor patch showed a high level of reliability and accuracy compared to standard clinical monitoring systems.

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