The United States has taken corresponding measures to meltdown the stock market, which is a good thing for the foaming agent market.

Well-known media reported that on the 16th, the New York stock market fell sharply at the opening and triggered a 7% fuse point again. After the restart of the transaction, the decline expanded. As of the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2997.10 points or 12.93%; the S & P 500 stock index fell 324.89 points or 11.98%; the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 970.28 points or 12.32%.

At the close, the three major stock indexes in the New York stock market plummeted more than 11%, the Dow hit its most significant one-day drop since "Black Monday" in 1987, and US stocks triggered the fuse mechanism for the third time since the 9th of this month. So the Trump administration is seeking a $ 1 trillion economic stimulus package to fight the epidemic. The situation of building materials market that has been affected by the outbreak has been deteriorating before, and the analysis points out that this will bring aid to the US construction industry. Then the current production of commonly used foamed concrete will increase, and the output of foaming agents used in concrete will also increase significantly. Commonly used foaming agents include plant and animal foaming agents. The advantages of plant-based foaming agents are that they are insensitive to hard water, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-precipitating. PH value is close to neutral, non-corrosive to cement and metal, and does not cause pollution to the environment. The foaming agent is resistant to the storage, not easy to deteriorate, has excellent foaming performance, is rich in foam, and has moderate foam stability. The animal foaming agent has uniform quality, sound quality consistency, suitable foaming property, and excellent foam stability, good thermal insulation, and high strength.

Perhaps the market for foaming agent for foam concrete will usher in a new round of development soon.

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