The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on globalization is far more significant than the global financial tsunami in 2008, and the supply of lightweight foam concrete additives has been blocked.

From a time perspective, the international financial crisis occurs once in 10 years, while the global public health crisis is once in a century. OECD Secretary-General Guria described the epidemic as "the third and largest economic, financial, and social shock of the 21st century" following the September 11 terrorist attacks and the 2008 financial crisis. Leaders from European countries such as France and Germany described the epidemic as the biggest challenge in decades. The global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has exacerbated the complexity of the unprecedented changes in the international community in the “black swan”.

From a spatial perspective, the financial crisis is mainly the impact of globalized financial markets, and the new crown epidemic has spread to more than 190 countries, which is a real global public health crisis. Public opinion generally believes that this public health emergency not only poses a threat to the health of the worldwide population but may also trigger economic recession and crisis. The chairman of the United States Committee on Foreign Relations, Haas, said that the nature of the crisis and the crisis in 2008 are fundamentally different. Traditional policy tools will be ineffective. Even if the United States exercises leadership, the old script may not be active.


More importantly, global play has also changed. In the epidemic, the globalization of people is the first, not the globalization of money. Money is capital-driven globalization. It focuses on the logic of distribution and creates the disadvantage of the wealth gap. The globalization of people does not require payment but "kills". There is no "you win and lose" but "all win." Or "Loose": Humans must defeat the virus as a whole, and no one can survive alone.

In other words, if the globalization of capital is more a game of rich countries, then the globalization of people is of concern to everyone, and its impact is more extensive. The UN Secretary-General pointed out that the global economic recession is unavoidable, and the epidemic may cause 25 million people to lose their jobs. The ILO has also said that this is no longer just a global public health crisis, but a severe job market and economic crisis. The worst scenario predicted by the ILO is that the global commercial growth rate will decline by eight percentage points this year, and the number of unemployed will increase by 24.7 million or even 36 million, exceeding 22 million during the financial crisis.

The history of human civilization is also a history of continuously responding to the challenges of viruses. After the epidemic, public health variables will become constants in the logic of "production-life-thinking" in contemporary society as well as climate change, which will profoundly affect the logic of globalization. The ideology of political parties has changed, and international rules have been rewritten. In the future, which may be regarded as necessary as the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, etc ...

From this perspective, the current global epidemic resistance is likely to become a watershed in the history of the world. Friedman, the author of "The World is Flat," states that the global epidemic will be epoch-making. There used to be BC and post-AD, but now there is pre- and post-epidemic. "In the years to come, we need to adjust the cultural structure that emphasizes freedom and order."

The outbreak has restricted the development of global import and export business. Isolation, shutdown, production suspension, order cancellation, closure of the city, and flight cancellation have all disrupted the world's convergence. A large number of foamed concrete admixtures cannot be exported, and the manufacturers who need to produce lightweight foam concrete cannot circulate. Average production cannot proceed. Both the manufacturers of lightweight foam concrete admixtures and the manufacturers of lightweight foam concrete bricks or blocks have been significantly impacted. Luoyang Tongrun Company focuses on the development and sales of foam concrete admixtures such as foaming agents, superplasticizer, foam stabilizers, and early strength agents. They are committed to light foam concrete technology research and development and service. If you have any comments on the light foam concrete products under the large-scale impact of the epidemic, you can send an email directly to

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