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The market outlook of silicon nitride in the pharmaceutical application market

According to the market and market research report, by 2023, the silicon nitride market is expected to grow from the US $ 90 million in 2018 to the US $ 127 million. During the forecast period, the market value continued to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%. Silicon nitride is an inorganic non-metallic compound. Its powder raw material has inert characteristics and is accompanied by excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When silicon nitride is used in advanced ceramic preparation processes, it has exceptionally excellent crack resistance. Therefore, these material characteristics make silicon nitride products used in solar photovoltaic, vehicle manufacturing, aerospace, medical, and other fields.
Among the above terminal applications, medical applications are regarded as the blue ocean market with the most growth potential. In the subdivision of the pharmaceutical industry, silicon nitride products are widely used in artificial hip joints, artificial total knee joints, bone screws for dental implants, surgical plates, screw shafts, etc., providing smooth and durable artificial joint implants use alternative materials for the ground surface. The composite material is also used in mesh pads and spinal fusion cages in ectopic uterine surgery. In the above medical implant applications, silicon nitride materials often exhibit good biocompatibility, bioactivity, antibacterial properties, and bone tissue affinity.

According to research forecasts, pressureless sintered silicon nitride products (SSN) are expected to become the largest market segment of silicon nitride. Such products have good high-temperature strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, creep performance, fracture toughness, oxidation resistance, wear resistance ... In traditional applications, sintered silicon nitride products are often processed into glow plugs for diesel engines, Pre-combustion chamber components, turbochargers, rocker pads, exhaust control valve components.
According to Markets and Markets research, Asia Pacific will be the core growth market for silicon nitride products. This growth trend is expected to continue until 2023. According to previous reports, China is the largest market in the Asia Pacific, followed by Japan, South Korea, and India. The rising demand for sintered silicon nitride products in the Chinese market is expected to continue into 2023.

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