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The recent rumors about Google's Pixel Watch make it sound more and more worthy of the name

There have been persistent rumors that the company might launch an "Honor" folding device, especially after the company applied to China's trademark office for the "Magic Folding" and "Magic Wings" trademarks. In 2019, CEO George Zhao told CNET that the company was interested in producing a foldable phone, while its former parent Huawei recently released the Mate X2, a third-generation foldable device.

Other details are scarce, but rumors suggest that the upcoming Honor Folding phone will use ultra-thin glass and feature an 8.03-inch folding display and a 6.45-inch exterior screen. If accurate, that means it looks more like Samsung's Galaxy Fold 3 than the Galaxy Flip 3. Given that it's a flagship product, it should have a relatively high-end processor and other components.
Huawei sold Honor in November 2020 to "ensure its survival", so Honor has been independent for over a year now. Unlike Huawei devices, The Honor smartphone can use Google apps.
Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo, and MOTOROLA have recently released foldable smartphones of various sizes. Google is also reportedly working on at least one foldable Pixel device, and recently released a version of Android for tablets and foldable devices.
The name "Pixel Watch," or some slight variation of it, makes sense. With the recent launch of several flagship phones, Google is finally getting more serious about hardware, and previous rumors suggest its smartwatches will follow a similar path. Just as its smart-home devices use the name "Nest," it makes sense to label its mobile-focused product range as a brand.
So what might these exclusive features cover? We don't know much about the software experience in this gadget -- hell, we barely know what OS 3 looks like without Samsung's skin of a UI first -- but it sounds like an assistant for the first time as the latest version of the 4px May shows up. It will allow voice commands and queries to run directly on the watch, rather than having to run each operation over the network.9to5Google even found an assistant-related asset in the Wear OS 3 emulator, which comes with a light bar design unique to Pixel phones.

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