Total steel stocks fell by 1.49 million tons, steel prices rose locally, and bearing steel prices were slightly affected

At 17:00 on April 6, the average price of rebar (HRB400 20mm) in the Chinese market was 3612RMB / ton, down 11RMB / ton; the average rate of wire rod 8.0 high wire HPB300 was 3736RMB / ton, down 12RMB / ton.

bearing steel

In March, China's epidemic prevention and control situation continued to improve, the order of production and life was steadily restored, and the resumption of production and production of enterprises accelerated significantly. The China Purchasing Managers Index dropped sharply from the previous month and rose from the last month, of which the manufacturing PMI was 52.0%, up 16.3 percentage points from the previous month; the non-manufacturing business activity index was 52.3%, up 22.7 percentage points from the previous month; the comprehensive PMI The output index was 53.0%, up 24.1 percentage points from the last month.

China's domestic high-end bearing steel is well-known in the world, among which the three companies are Xingcheng Special Steel, Xinye Steel, and Benxi Special Steel. These companies have always occupied the top three in China's bearing steel manufacturing industry, and their market share has reached a staggering 51%. Affected by the overall steel price, the bearing steel structure rose slightly in April and is expected not to exceed 1%. This has little effect on the bearing manufacturing industry.

Because the bearing should have the characteristics of long life, high precision, low calorific value, high speed, high rigidity, low noise, high wear resistance, etc., the bearing steel should have: high hardness, uniform hardness, upper elastic limit, high contact fatigue Strength, necessary toughness, certain hardenability, corrosion resistance in atmospheric lubricants. To meet the above requirements, the uniformity of the chemical composition of the bearing steel, the content and type of non-metallic inclusions, the particle size and distribution of carbides, and decarburization are strict.

Bearing steel is generally developed in the direction of high quality, high performance, and multiple varieties. Bearing steel is divided into high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, and unique bearing materials according to characteristics and application environment.

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